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Trimfix is a multi-purpose, heavy duty adhesive with high temperature resistance, specially formulated for use in the automotive industry.


Method of Use

Trimfix forms its bond by sticking to itself, therefore sufficient adhesive must be present on both surfaces. Before fabrication, all materials to be bonded should be conditioned at room temperature and the surface to be bonded must be clean, dry and contaminant free. From approximately 25cm (10 inches) spray one surface horizontally and the other vertically each to a minimum coverage of 80%. Allow the adhesive to become ‘touch dry’, it is ready to bond when there is no transferance of the adhesive to the finger. Bring the surfaces together and press firmly together from the centre working outwards to achieve a good contact and exclude any air bubbles. Trimfix dries in approximately 2 minutes under normal temperature and humidity. High humidity and low temperatures will slow the drying time. Never bring the two surfaces together prematurely, as solvent will be trapped causing air bubbles over time. After use, invert can and spray to clear nozzle. Excess adhesive may be removed with Solvent Cleaner. This adhesive is not suitable for heavily plasticised PVC.
An evaluation of the adhesive should be carried out in application conditions before commercial use is undertaken, this should also include reference to ageing.



Trimfix is now twinned with our new Easi-Flo valve and Easi-Control actuator system, which gives greater fingertip control; For larger areas, press actuator full on and move can away slightly. For narrower band widths or to apply less adhesive, press the actuator more gently and move can closer.


Handling and Storage Considerations

Whilst handling the adhesive, we advise to avoid spillage, to keep away from heat, sparks and open flames and to use the adhesive in well ventilated areas. For best results the adhesive should be used at temperatures between 15ºC – 25ºC.
Trimfix needs to be stored in temperatures between 10ºC – 20ºC, in dry, well ventilated areas and must not be exposed to direct sunlight or temperatures above 50ºC.


Disposal Considerations

The aerosol must be disposed of safely, in accordance with local authority requirements. The empty containers must not be burned because of explosion hazard.



Portable: As it is a 500ml aerosol; it is light and portable.
Easy to Use: Simply press down the button and spray.
Non Flammable Adhesive: The only flammable component is the propellant. Once that has evaporated, a totally non- flammable bond is achieved.
Water Resistance: When fully cured, Contact Adhesive forms a water resistant bond which makes it ideal for bathroom and kitchen worktop manufacture, along with many marine applications.
Heat Resistance: Ideal for applications where heat tolerance is a necessity. Tested to over 110 ºC, Contact Adhesive will not delaminate in high temperature situations.
Temp. Range: 5 – 110 ºC
Tack Time: 1 – 2 Minutes
Tack Life: At Least 20 Minutes
Health and Safety: It does not contain potentially environment or ozone damaging materials such as CFCs.
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